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Reflexology 'as effective as pain killers'
Click here to read an interesting report by The Telegraph regarding Reflexology and pain relief.

Having trouble sleeping?

Want to know how your feet can help you sleep? Click Here to find out more!

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Face lift without the surgery

An interesting article by the Daily Mail on Natural Lift Facial Massage here

One from the Express too. here

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How can crystals help you?

Click this LINK to find out about the different properties of crystals.

Interesting article from the Daily Mail on crystals Here

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Yoga for all

Great article on Yoga, showing how you don't have to be a skinny Minnie to get the moves! here

Useful links and information. Your body's ability to heal

If it's good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow!

For an interesting article about Reiki...Click here

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